Shopfront Glass

Shopfront Glass

We design, supply and install shopfront glass to meet your need for security and at the same time making sure that your products get the visibility they deserve to promote sales. Our shopfront glass can either be divided by aluminium mullions or by glass fins which give the beautiful effect of an uninterrupted plane of glass.

In our shopfront glass, we incorporate all types of doors like double swing doors, sensor sliding doors, sliding folding doors and stack away doors.  The advantage of the sliding folding doors and stack away doors is that when they are open they give you a 100% which has a very welcoming effect on any store.

Features of Shopfront Glass

  • Range of frame depths
  • Centre and flush faced glazing positions
  • Single and double glazing options
  • High water performance and acoustic build-ups
  • Options for captive and non-captive appearances
  • Options for glass partition walls
  • Options for customized frameless shopfronts